My new bubble

I did it! I have my own space in the wide world of the web, or at least a digital illusion of its existence. Let's call it “the home page”. I hope that this is where I will be able to steer ideas and thoughts that did not grow into pics or videos on my social networks. Not because they don't deserve space, quite the contrary. I wish out loud that a small creative bubble will be created here, a place where I want to plant ideas that, in the past, I would have left on the shelf until they grew up (and create, for example, another cookbook). Not anymore. I am replacing the dusty shelf with an open window and I am warmly welcoming you

In addition to my video recipes, books and news, my aim is to occasionally share ideas, inspirations or thoughts, which you will gradually find in the articles section. Welcome and don't be A CAN! U can cook!

Martin PYCO Rausch

I would like to thank the clever people from VIANSOL, especially Andrej Pulc, for their patience, help and support in creating this site / blog. If you decide to appear online or need software, I highly recommend them!

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