Dissolve butter (120 g) and chocolate in heated milk, don’t cook. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Crush cloves with star anise in a mortar and sieve it all well. Add cinnamon, cocoa and mix all into the sifted flour with baking powder.
Grease the baking tin with the rest of the butter (20 g) and dust it with a spoon of the flour mixture.
Beat egg whites with half the sugar (110 g) and a pinch of salt. Beat the yolks with half the sugar (110 g) into a foam. Slowly stir in the prepared liquid mixture and then add the dry mixture. Manually mix in the foamy egg whites. Finally, add chopped almonds, raisins and 40 ml of lukewarm water. Bake for one hour at 150°C (302°F) or until is evenly baked. Allow to chill for a quarter of an hour, remove from the mold and dust the surface with some sugar, cover it with lemon glaze, chocolate or chopped almonds.

Shopping list:
eggs 6 pcs
flour 300 g (selfrising or semolina type)
milk 220 ml
butter 140 g
sugar 220 g
cocoa 25 g
chocolate 140 g
baking powder 6 g
ground cinnamon 1 tbsp
raisins 80 g
almonds 50 g
cloves 10 pcs
star anise 1 pc
water, powdered sugar

portions: min 12 pcs
preparation time: 20 min + 1 h baking