Cut the baguette into 16 cm long pieces and cut it in half lengthwise. Coat both parts with black olive tapenade.

Place thin slices of cucumber on the bottom, lightly sprinkle with oregano and cover with generous slices of Feta cheese. Sprinkle with oregano again and place sliced pieces of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil on top.

Cover with the top part of the bread, press down and cut in half or only partially wrap for more practical consumption or transport.

NOTES: The taste of this hearty baguette is reminiscent of a Greek salad, the presence of sun-dried tomatoes, delicious bread and strong cheese only enhances this summer experience. Try adding fresh tzatziki or a bowl of virgin olive oil or fresh basil leaves.

🍽 1 ⏱ 5 MIN

🛒 SHOPPING LIST: ☉ sourdough multigrain baguette 1 pc ☉ olive tapenade 35 g ☉ Feta cheese 50 g ☉ dried tomatoes in oil 2 pcs ☉ fresh cucumber 40 g ☉ dried oregano