Peel the onions, wash the skins thoroughly under running water and dry them in a towel. Place the dried onion skins on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and place in an oven heated to 160 °C. Bake for approximately 12-15 minutes or until all the pieces are baked through and can be crushed between your fingers. Allow to cool and then blend with a pinch of sea salt mix in food processor or grind into a powder.

Cut the cleaned onions into thin slices.

Heat sesame and olive oil in a pan, add chopped onion and fry slowly. When the onion softens and remains tender, add dried thyme and a pinch of ground black pepper. Roast the onion for a total of 12-15 minutes and then let it cool.

Mash the cheese with a fork or potato masher. Add onion powder and 2/3 of the roasted onion. Combine everything thoroughly with a fork or spatula.

Spread the mixture generously on a plate and garnish with the rest of the fried onion and fresh chives.

TRY THIS: The rich taste and aroma of roasted onions combined with delicious cheese is ideal for hearty canapés, snacks or a light dinner. The creamy taste is excellent on baked pastry, tortillas, served as a dip for bread sticks, chips or try mixing it with freshly cooked and still hot pasta!

🍽 3-4 ⏱ 20 MIN

SHOPPING LIST: ☉ Robiola Marzolina cheese 250 g ☉ white onion 150 g ☉ red onion 150 g ☉ sesame oil 2 tbsp ☉ olive oil 1 tbsp ☉ dried thyme 1 teaspoon ☉ ground black pepper, sea salt, chives + sticks, tortillas, pastry, pasta or bread