Soak the chickpeas for at least 8 hours in water with a teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse and cook for about 40 minutes until soft (depending on the hardness, the chickpeas should not crumble).
In a baking dish, combine cooked chickpeas, crushed feta cheese, olive oil, sliced ​​garlic, crushed cumin, paprika and ground black pepper. Bake for 20 minutes at 190°C/374°F. Then add the juice of half an orange and beer (5 PL), bake for another 10 minutes, this time in fan/hot air mode.
Transfer the cooled contents from the baking dish to a food processor, add chili pepper (optional) and a pinch of salt. Mix repeatedly and meanwhile stir manually. Finally, add water (30 ml or as needed).
Shape the pâté with molds and let it cool down. It can be served as cold starter/snack with red onion drizzled with lemon juice, or as a filling for sandwiches, boiled eggs or canapés. After cooling, the pâté can be sliced.
Try using smoked paprika in the mixture, the taste will be even more intense!

dried chickpeas 250 g (or 600 g of canned chickpeas)
soda bicarbonate 1 teaspoon
garlic 1 clove
feta cheese 120 g
beer 5 tbsps
olive oil 5 tbsps
orange 1/2 pc
ground pepper 1 teaspoon
salt 1 teaspoon
ground cumin 1 teaspooon
black pepper 1 teaspoon
(chili pepper)
+ for serving: onion, lemon, crackers, toast, pickled vegetables

servings: min 12
prep. time: 40 min + 1 h cooking