● Mix flour, softened butter, part of the yogurt (100 g), a teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of water in a deeper bowl. Manually mix the dough. Roll it out into the shape and size of a baking dish (diameter approx. 27. cm, dough thickness 3-4 mm).
● Using a roller, transfer the dough to a baking dish. Gently press it with your fingers over the entire surface and pierce the bottom of the cake with a fork so that it does not rise unnecessarily during baking. Cut off the edges with a knife and pressed decoratively with a fork.
● Place the dough in oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes and then let it cool down.
● Meanwhile, mix mascarpone, the rest of the yogurt (150 g), a teaspoon of salt, finely chopped garlic and olive oil (2 tbsp) in a bowl. Finally, add the finely chopped onions (just freen parts) and thyme leaves.
● Spread the filling on the cooled and pre-baked dough. Distribute the pepper (cut into small cubes) on the top and add the lower parts of the onions (cut into rounds).
● Bake for 35 minutes in an oven at 200 °C and let it chill for another 20-30 minutes after baking. Before serving, sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves. The cake is very tasty when served cold.

☉ TRY THIS: you can use colored peppers to turn the surface of the pie into an original mosaic. And don’t hesitate to mix your favorite cheese in the filling! The pre-baked crust can be universally used for other fillings as well, it remains crispy after baking and holds its shape perfectly.

🛒 shopping list:
☉ (semolina type) flour 250 g
☉ butter 100 g
☉ yogurt 250 g (100 + 150)
☉ water 2 tbsp
☉ mascarpone 250 g
☉ garlic 2 pcs (cloves)
☉ olive oil 2 tbsp
☉ spring onion 3 pcs
☉ red pepper (larger) 1 pc
☉ salt, black pepper, fresh thyme

● portions: 6 ● preparation time: 70 min