Boil the potatoes in a small pot with water until soft (approx. 20 min). Let cool, peel and grate finely. Season with a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of black pepper.
Add coarsely grated gouda and mozzarella cheeses, chopped dill (2 tbsp) to the potatoes and combine everything. Finally, add semolina flour to the dough, mix again and transfer to the freezer for at least a quarter of an hour.
Shape small oval croquettes/nuggets from the chilled dough: use only a soup spoon of dough for each piece and roll a smaller nugget in your palms or on a desk dusted with flour (all purpose) and align the ends.
Coat the croquettes in all purpose flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Be sure to coat each piece twice this way.
Roast in a small pan with a minimum amount of oil for about 3-4 minutes and rotate the croquettes continuously so that they are evenly and goldenly roasted from all sides. Roast the croquettes so that the tripple coating is sufficiently baked and the filling is heated, remove them from the pan before the crust bursts and the filling flows out. You can also deep-fry the nuggets, but with a short burst of frying within 50 seconds.
Serve with vegetable salad, yogurt or tomato dip.

NOTES: Finished dough or already coated nuggets can be stored in the freezer and just defrost them before baking and lightly wrap them in crumbs. You can shorten the coating time by forming larger patties, to which the toasting time must be adjusted. Add chili or favorite spices to the dough, use basil, chives, oregano or parsley instead of dill in season.

🍽 36 pcs ⏱60 MIN + cooling 15 MIN

☉ potatoes 350 g
☉ gouda cheese 80 g
☉ mozzarella cheese (hard) 80 g
☉ semolina flour 80 g
☉ all purpose flour 5 tbsp + for dusting
☉ eggs 2 pcs
☉ breadcrumbs 120 g
☉ frying oil 6 PL
☉ salt, ground black pepper, fresh dill