● Finely grate the peeled and washed potatoes. Immediately mix with half the lemon juice.
● Add grated garlic and onion, coarsely grated halloumi cheese, salt (1 tsp), ground black pepper (1 tsp), eggs, yogurt, chopped parsley. Mix everything with a fork.
● Finally, add flour to the batter.
● Fry the pancakes in a pan with a non-stick surface, lightly oiled. Use only 2 tablespoons of batter for each piece, slowly spread to the sides. The thinner the pancakes, the crunchier they will be. Bake for 3-4 minutes on each side.
● Serve with yogurt, herbs, olives, pickles or fresh salad.

☉ TRY THIS: Save time and grate potatoes, garlic, onion and cheese in a food processor and then just mix in the rest of the ingredients. You will fix the batter in a minute. Smaller pancakes are better for handling, about three pieces in one pan. However, you can easily prepare large pieces, combined with fillings when baked.

🛒 shopping list:
☉ potatoes 520 g (3 pcs)
☉ halloumi cheese 220 g
☉ garlic cloves 2 pcs
☉ red onion 1 pc
☉ eggs 2 pcs
☉ greek yogurt 160 g
☉ semolina flour 100 g
☉ lemon 1/2 pc
☉ olive oil 3 tbsp
☉ parsley, salt, black pepper
☉ for serving: yogurt, herbs, pickles, olives

● serves: 16-17 patties ● preparation time: 40 min